Tour Budget Pro Deluxe

Tour Budget Pro Deluxe 2006

Tour Budget Pro Deluxe is a tour accounting software system...

Tour Budget Pro Deluxe is a tour accounting software system designed specifically for the entertainment industry. Whether you're a local, regional, national or international entertainment group - THIS IS FOR YOU!

Any one can use this program - even if you've never kept track of a tour's finances before. This is an extremely simple way of organizing a tour's finances while on the road!

With tons of major updates from the ;Pro; and ;Advanced; versions, three of the biggest changes are the addition of the Settlement section, Statements, and the inclusion of an upgraded MIE area.

Features Include: * Error-free calculations * EVEN MORE Smart Tips (it knows You, the Tour, Finances, etc. ) - Believe It! * Print MIE Reports (track your Federal Per-Diems) * Complete Settlement section * Five Different Attendance Bonus Structures * Print / Email Running Settlement Totals Throughout the Tour * Print / Email Settlement Tour Totals and Averages * Total / Running Totals of Total Attendances, Total Paid Attendances, and more * Print / Email Tour Financial Statements (you select date range to generate reports) * Print / Email Daily Tour and Settlement Statements * Check Online for Domestic and Foreign Per-Diem Rates * Online Search for Counties (aid for per-diem rates) * One Report Screen for Settlement, Tour, Schedule and Per-Diem Statements * Track Venue Capacity, Percents Sold and Attended, Taxes Paid on Shows,.

* Multiple Secured Users (each user can only view their tours) * Manual comes in a separate PDF file, as well as inside the program itself * Store Contracts, Stage Plots, Pass Boards, etc.

* Auto-Complete typing * Auto Email Phone Dial (with your computer's software) * Open Websites * Search by Contract Number * 140 Countries in a drop-down menu * Does not require additional software to run.

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Tour Budget Pro Deluxe


Tour Budget Pro Deluxe 2006